Boat Insurance

Life is a Boat at sunsetYour watercraft (boat) insurance policy will differ in price based on the size, and type of your boat.  Premiums vary depending on age of drivers, method of power (sail, motor or jet) and age of watercraft. With multiple carriers to choose from the Debra LaMay Agency can get you several quote from competing insurance companies. Your coverage will protect you from liability resulting from bodily injury, and property damage to you, another person’s boat or occupants on the boat.

You have the option to add additional coverage riders and increased liability.

Additional coverages include:

Coverage for boat equipment such as tools, and oars.
Coverage for fishing equipment.
Coverage for towing if your boat needs to visit a mechanic.
Coverage if you are in an accident with someone who is under-insured or uninsured.

All types of boats and personal watercraft can be covered by a boat insurance policy. If you are interested in purchasing a boat insurance policy or just want to get a free quote, contact Debra Lamay Agency LLC.