I know that Zorya’s players and staff really wanted to meet in the Manchester United group. A dream come true, now it’s time to test your strength in the game with one of the richest clubs on the planet. What you need to adequately play with the favorite of the entire tournament, not just the group? In my opinion, this is a discipline in defense, which the Luhansk team demonstrated perfectly, for example, in the game against Dynamo. The main thing is that Vernidub’s team does not get dizzy from the atmosphere at Old Trafford. If the Ukrainians master themselves and do not lose before the match, then we will have really high-quality and unpredictable football.

Ibrahimovic and Mkhitaryan will definitely not play at Manchester United, Martial’s participation in the match is in question. The attack of the English club will lose several key players, so Zorya’s chances of a positive result are growing. Manchester United Mourinho has not yet become a truly formidable force, and the Red Devils are not betting on the Europa League tournament. Of course, they must win at home, but I do not expect super-efforts and something Go to Casino X and play online with bonus 200 freespins after registation. extraordinary from them to achieve the goal. I repeat, if the Luhansk team play well in defense, MU will not kill them much. I expect 1-2 goals from not too motivated and weakened hosts, no more.

At the same time, Manchester United have an impeccable defense. Zorya, who loves to play on counterattacks, will certainly have a chance. If Zorya signs up at Old Trafford, my prediction runs the risk of not coming true. But let. In general, I will root for 0: 0. Agree, this is also a good result for the Ukrainian team.